About Wizzy & Oliver

Wizzy and Oliver is a blog dedicated to all things pertaining to the lives of two cats that live in Connecticut.


This is Wizzy.  He is a two year old rescue cat.  He is white/ grey/ black and has faint gorgeous stripes throughout his body.  Wizzy is the feistier out of the bunch, and has major catitude.  He is definitely not scared to get up in your face is he’s displeased, but for the most part, hides under the sofa or the bed when there are visitors.


This is Oliver aka Ollie.  He is a five month old Blue Bi-Color Ragdoll.  He has striking blue eyes, with silver and white accents throughout his body.  Very motivated by food and likes to bite his mommy to let her know he’s hungry.  Oliver likes to annoy his big brother, Wizzy, by jumping and play attacking out of nowhere.