The Breeze Litter Box System

I think that all cat owners would agree with me when I state that cleaning the litter box is just the worst part of being a cat owner.  They track litter, they sometimes miss their box, litter is dusty, etc.  The list goes on for a while.  So when I was testing out different boxes and litter types, I was very pleased when I came across the Tidy Cats Breeze System.  It’s a litter system unlike any other I’ve come across before.  It’s made up of two separate pans; one is for the pellets, the other being for the litter pads.  The magic is in the waterproof pellets.  The urine completely goes through the pellets, and goes straight down onto the pad.  My favorite aspect of this system is not having to scoop urine every hour! You just roll up the pad once or twice a week, and wah-lah, you’re done cleaning up the urine.  You still have to clean up their poop twice a day, but it’s so much easier and faster with the Breeze.



  • Relatively cheap to get started. The system includes the box, a 3.5 lb bag of pellets, 4 pee pads, scooper, and directions.  Pricing varies, but I got mine with a $7 coupon through Amazon for $22. I think most pet stores carry it for $30-$35.
  • No urine smell at all
  • No poop smell besides when they first go to the bathroom. After about 10-15 minutes, the pellets completely absorb the odor.
  • It was very easy for me to transition my cats to this particular system
  • Makes cleaning up a lot faster and cleaner
  • Very little to no tracking.  It hurts like hell when you step on the pellet, but luckily my cats do not track much.
  • Absolutely no dust.  It is ideal for people with asthma or allergies to certain kinds of litter.
  • The pellets are supposedly washable and reusable.  I’ve personally never tried this, but many people through various forums and such, have claimed to reuse them after washing with dish soap.


  • Pellets and pads can be fairly expensive depending on how often you replace.  I pay $5 for a 4 pack of pee pads, and $8 for a 3.5 lb bag of pellets through Chewy.  I use only one bag, but if your cat is a digger, they might appreciate two 3.5 lb bags instead of just one.
  • The box can be small for bigger sized cats
  • There is no hood for the box so it can be kind of an eye sore if it’s in a busy area
  • The pellets are hard to clean if your cat has diarrhea or loose stools, since it is does not clump.
  • If your cat has no claws, it must hurt their paws since it is a hard pellet.
  • Not all pet stores carry the system replacements.  The big chains do carry the pellets and the pads, but I’ve been to plenty of smaller pet stores that did not carry Breeze products.
  • It’s pretty loud when they’re digging around the pellets, since they are bigger pieces.

All in all, I am currently on my second Breeze box and absolutely love it.  They are so convenient, efficient, and odor free.  Wizzy, Ollie, and I are very happy with the box. A++ would recommend.

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