You Are What You Eat

I get asked a lot by friends and clients on what type of food I feed my cats.  Ideally I would have them on a raw food diet, but it is very time consuming and I don’t have the right equipment to ensure that they’d get all of the proper nutrients.  I just do not feel confident enough to make my own food, so I’ve done tons of research to make sure they get the next best thing.  I personally feel that it is so important to look into what they are being fed.  It’s pretty much their only source of nutrients, so it’s vital that it is actually good for their bodies.

Currently they are both on a combination of wet and dry food.  They are free fed their dry foods.  Wizzy is on Blue Buffalo’s Healthy Living Chicken & Rice Formula and Oliver is on Royan Canin’s Kitten Dry Formula.  I pretty much just leave two bowls out and they eat whichever they feel like eating. You can find the nutrition info for Royal Canin here, and for Wild Buffalo here.


As I stated earlier, I feel that it is very important to feed my cats a well balanced diet and that is why I feed them wet canned food.  I give them an assortment of flavors from BFF by Weruva.  It is a natural grain and gluten free option.  It is also very convenient because it is an all-life stages food, so there is no need to feed Wizzy and Oliver separately.  However, what I like most about it is that it has a high moisture content that provides an adequate amount of water to their daily water intake.  You can find the nutrition information for BFF cat food here.  I give them a can daily that I sometimes will supplement with cooked ground turkey or cooked ground beef.


When switching foods, make sure you do it very gradually.  When you switch without doing so, it will most likely cause an upset stomach, which makes for a messy litter box.  I like to mix in a teaspoon of 100% pure organic ground pumpkin with no additional additives when I am transitioning them.  I find that it really helps firm up their stools.  I will be going into detail on what kinds of vitamins I put in their food on a later post, so be on the look out for that! Now I’m always curious what others feed their cats.  I am always up to new suggestions.  So my question is- what do you feed your cats? Do you feed them dry, wet, or both? Looking forward to reading your answers!

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